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Map collection of Central African Republic. Detailed road, administrative, physical and topographical maps of Central African Republic. All cities of Central African Republic on the maps. Maps of Central African Republic.

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Behind its negative reputation of politically violent brutalities, the Central African Republic reveals other positive facets, those of splendid national parks that offer numerous species of wildlife, pristine forests and magnificent waterfalls. Bangui, the capital is generally quite a friendly place, which unfortunately can be dangerous after dark.

Situated in Central Africa with Bangui as its capital the Central African Republic borders with, Congo and Cameroon. A large part of the country consists of a flat plateau covered by dry deciduous forestland, although in the southwest a dense tropical rainforest spreads across the land. In the northwest the landscape changes to form mountains rising up to 2000mt above sea level.

There are two official languages spoken, French and Sango as well as 68 different languages and dialects. Bangui is built on a rock in a tropical setting on the banks of the River Ubangi and has some interesting sites to visit such as the Boganda Museum and the Grande Corniche, a good viewpoint of the Ubangi River and the fishermen’s settlements.

The Lobaye Region with its indigenous forest tribes and coffee plantations on the border of the forest is a magnificent site to visit, as are the Boali Waterfalls that offer a spectacular experience. One may visit other breathtaking falls in Bangassou near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo; the Kembe Falls are situated near the Ubangi River. Other sites of interest are the national parks of Dzanga-Sangha, Bamingui-Bangoran and Manovo-Gounda St Floris where many species of wildlife can be spotted including gorillas in Bayanga.

The country has a hot climate all year round, especially in the north and the rainy season goes from May to October.

The people from Central Africa are called Central African.

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