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Map collection of Namibia. Detailed road, administrative, physical and topographical maps of Namibia. All cities of Namibia on the maps. Maps of Namibia.

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Namibia is a country that is situated in the Southern Africa and it has the Atlantic Ocean on its west. Prior to the year 1990, Namibia was under the rule of South Africa but on 21st March 1990, it gained independence. Windhoek is the capital as well as the largest city in Namibia. After Mongolia, it is the second least populated nations in the world with about 1.8 million people. For many years, this country was referred to as South West Africa but later on, it was named as Namibia.

The economy depends on mining of metals and precious stones, tourism, herding and agriculture for income. Mining is the sector that brings maximum income for the country (about 1/4th of the country’s income). Namibia is the fifth largest producer of Uranium and it also exports non-fuel minerals to other countries.

The official language of this nation is English. Prior to the year 1990, Afrikaans and German were also its official languages. The tourists that visit the country are generally eco-tourists. Most of them visit Namibia to see the natural landscapes of the country. There are many places of interest in the country such as the coastal towns of Swakopmund, Etosha Pan, Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon, etc.

The people from Namibia are called Namibians.

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