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Map collection of Kiribati. Detailed road, administrative, physical and topographical maps of Kiribati. Maps of Kiribati.

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Kiribati is located in Micronesia on the South Pacific, the capital, Bairiki lies in the South Tarawa atoll, which is composed of three main groups of islands in the Central Pacific: Kiribati, the Line Islands and the Phoenix Islands.

These sum up to a total of 33 islands scattered over 5 million sq km, the landscape of which is mainly low-lying coral atolls and costal lagoons, except Banaba; which is a coral formation that rises to 80 m. The official languages are Kiribati and English.

Tarawa, the capital is densely populated and near the capital in Bonriki there is an international airport, while in Betio there are several relics of war to be visited.

The Christmas Islands are scattered with lakes and ponds and boast a teeming bird life, while in the main towns of Banana, Paris and London game fishing is a popular pastime as well as canoe races and dancing contests.

Other islands to visit are Abaiang, Abemama, Maiana and Tarawa, these can be reached by small tourist planes. All these islands have magnificent white sandy beaches with clear lagoon waters, where snorkeling in the coral reefs is a favorite pastime and deep-sea fishing and sailing can be organized on Tarawa Lagoon.

The islands in the north and south are tropical, the best period to visit being March through to October, while heavy rainfall is from December to May.

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