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Map collection of Marshall Islands. Detailed road, administrative, physical and topographical maps of Marshall Islands. Maps of Marshall Islands.

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Situated in the center of the Pacific Ocean, Marshall Islands is a Micronesian country of islands and atolls. It is located on the north of the equator and just west of the International Date Line. There are about sixty-two thousand people residing in this country. In total, there are five isolated islands and twenty-nine atolls in Marshall Islands. Of these islands and atolls, only twenty-four of them have people living in them.

While agriculture is practiced in the nation, it is quite limited and it is only carried out in small farms. Some of the commercial crops that Marshall Island produces are breadfruit, coconut, melons, tomatoes, etc.

The industry in this nation is not wide-ranging and it is only restricted to copra, fish processing and handicrafts. The tourism industry is also a source of revenue for the country and it is a source of foreign exchange for the country.

The tourism industry hires about 10% of the total workforce in Marshall Islands. Tourism is one sector that the country is hoping would add to its future revenue. There aren’t many natural resources in the country and it has been reported that the exports of the country is less than its imports.

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