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Palau is basically an island nation that lies in the Pacific Ocean and it is about two thousand miles from Tokyo and five hundred miles from the Philippines. Palau is the smallest as well as the youngest sovereign state in the world.

The islands in Palau with most of the population are Peleliu, Koror, Babeldaob and Angaur. Palau experiences a tropical weather all through the year and it has an annual average temperature of 28 °C. The country may get rainfall all through the year, even though it is more frequent during the months of July, August, September and October. Palau generally does not experience typhoons because it is located outside the central typhoon zone.

The country does not experience any environmental degradation but one of the many concerns of the Palau Government is illegal fishing by making use of dynamite.

The economy of Palau depends generally on tourism, fishing and subsistence agriculture. There are about twenty-one thousand people living in Palau and out of this number, about 70% of the population are native Palauans.

The Palauans are mixed of Malayan, Micronesian and Melanesian people.

English and Palauan are the official languages of the country. Some of the older Palauans can also speak Japanese.

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