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The Archipelago of the Bahamas is a string of 700 low-lying islands dotting the North Atlantic Ocean to the northeast of Cuba and the southeast of Florida. These islands are largely atolls, rocks and keys surrounded by clear turquoise waters, under which a myriad of colorful gardens boast a large variety of plant and animal species. This is the third largest barrier reef in the world divided between the Little Bahama Bank and the Great Bahama Bank, where one can admire a magnificent range of different kinds of coral and fishes.

The landscape on the Bahamas offers a variety of exotic flowers, pine forestland as well as barren savannas, marshlands, barren shorelines and stretches of pristine, white sandy beaches. Under the turquoise waters one may also find shipwrecks as well as coral and teeming fish. Most of the beaches outside Nassau, the Bahamas’ capital, offer the tranquility of empty unspoiled sandy stretches in tropical settings with the occasional chirping of the exotic bird life.

The islands’ main activities are swimming, scuba-diving, sailing, fishing and golf at the Cable Beach Golf Course, one of the five world-class courses on the Grand Bahama Island. The Blue Lagoon Island is a paradise of tropical beauty and wildlife sanctuary, where one may swim with dolphins and catch a glimpse of sea lines all in waist-high pools.

The temperature in the Bahamas varies slightly throughout the year, offering a constant refreshing climate. The coolest season is from September to May (21°-24°C) while the rest of the year it is slightly warmer with temperatures varying from 27° to 29°C.

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